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Redistribution Layer
.Integrated passive devices
Customized MEMS devices
.RF passive devices
SMD Pad electrode processes
.ENIG plating




Redistribution Layer (RDL)
RDL (Redistribution Layer) is used to re-arrange bond pad into 3~10mm thick polymer composition of the area-distributed pad array. These layers can be low-k dielectric layer, which is a widely applied as the material BCB. Using Thick Cu as RDL materials can satisfy the needs of a device with larger current.

High-performance electronics required high conductivity, needs the capability of transferring higher current, by using wafer level packaging and re-distribution, selects the electroplating thick Cu for distribution and puts on layer to achieve the required conductivity and reliability.
Application products:

1. Power IC)
2. magnetic coupler
3. RF device:Wireless (RF, TV)RF PA, RF LNA, RF Transceiver.


Process Flow:

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