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AFS Horizontal Furnace
AFS Vertical Furnace
AFS Furnace control systems
Furnace related parts

ESC sputter systems

AFS Furnace control systems

AFS Furnace Control Systems

Temperature control

  1. PID auto-tuning, PID control
  2. Selectable spike and paddle control
  3. Auto profile function
  4. 30 programs capability @ 30 steps/ program
  5. Programmable ramp rate and step time
  6. 10.4” color touch panel operation interface

Safety interlock and alarm

  1. Over temperature heater trip
  2. Process cooling water interlock for heater trip
  3. Thermal couple break alarm
  4. Low pressure gas alarm

AFS Furnace Loading Systems

  • Contactless auto-loading systems
  • Self adjust cap design
  • Robust and easy operation design
  • Stepping motor drive


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